Audio Drama Hub Podfest 2023 Announcement

With Sarah, Fiona and Karim

Problem Solving Panel - Audio Drama Hub Podfest 2022


Writing Panel - Audio Drama Hub Podfest 2022

with Fiona Thraille, Maxamillian John, Karin Heimdahl, Chris Gregory & Emily C A Snyder 

"Perfect Retreat" Live Performance

This is a recording from the Audio Drama Hub Podfest, held in High Wycombe in November 2022.

In this, there was a slot for new podcasts – and we were lucking enough to gather together many of our international cast to perform some live scenes and singing performances from Perfect Retreat (including the intro/outro song, by Karin Heimdahl, who travelled all the way from Sweden for the occasion! and Sarah Golding singing Zinnia's song "Smile", which she wrote.)

Not all the podcast cast could be present for these scenes from the show, and we were extremely grateful to Karim Kronfli and Michael Hudson for standing in. 

ROGUEMAKER Live Show and Q&A

ROGUEMAKER Live Show and Q&A recorded in High Wycombe at the Audio Drama Hub Podfest, 20 November 2022.  

This live show, "Back Up", was written by Emma Johanna Puranen and edited by Rook Mogavero, with Oran Talbot running sound. 

Cyclone Live Show - A Prisoner of Roora

Episode Link

Taking place just before the events of Time & Tide, A Prisoner of Roora follows Lady Hazel Valentine in her immediate preparation for Cyclone's most important mission, and the dangerous contract that she has made.

Based on the Live Show as performed on 20/11/2022 at the UK Audio Drama Hub Podfest